Looking back, the key experiences that have shaped the person I am today are:


  • Lecturing at the University of Venda (now part of the University of Limpopo). It was the last years of apartheid and the campus was very volatile, often with mass demonstrations that could be very intimidating to staff. My key function was to teach second year students interviewing skills. My challenge was for them to become as confident in one-on-one interviews as in the collective. I oversaw their practicums: my students and I would go out into rural Venda - me driving a Hi-Ace bus - to do home visits! It became a profound learning exchange with them teaching me and I them. 
  • Teaching John Fowler’s ‘Stages of Faith Development’ to theology students at Rhodes University, Grahamstown in the nineties. I never anticipated teaching in a divinity department, but nothing happens by chance. Those five years greatly influenced my world view and I became an avid student of the world’s main religions and man’s quest for a meaningful relationship with his Creator.
  • Understanding the rigour and demand of big industry and corporates as they try to balance the demand for profit with the needs of people and planet (the environment) has enhanced my own efficiencies. The past 18 years has been quite a dance as I have move between ivory tower and industry, between lecturing for the NMMU Business School and doing team-building and mentoring for the private sector.  
  • Travel: Concurrent with the above I have had the privilege of teaching and training in unusual places such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Namibia. I have visited Europe several times, attended the Edge of Emergence conference in Rajasthan, India in 2008 and done constellations in Australia.
  • Raising three sons, now young adults stepping out into the world. I am very proud of them.


Jean Mathews Wildervanck holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in the Social Sciences (UFS and Unisa). 
In May 2014 she attended the week-long ISCA intensive in systemic constellations in Germany. In 2013 she attended Stephan Housner’s training in Constellations with Health and Illness and in 2011 did Organizational Constellations with Dr Jane Peterson from the USA. 
She is a qualified coach (James Flarety at the GSB, UCT) and an NLP practitioner (Advanced Human Technologies).  She furthered her study of personality by attending Risso and Hudson’s training workshop on the Enneagram when they visited South Africa in 2005.
She is committed to her own CPD (Continuous Professional Development). 
Jean is married to Charles Wildervanck, MD.  She oversees the educational aspect of their Integrative Health and Well-being centre.


Full CV available on request.

Member of the NMB Business Chamber;     Member of ISCA