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When there is Illness in the Family


All families experience difficulties; there is no such thing as a perfect family.

Some problems are easily overcome, others are more embedded while many are trans-generational. Most people respond to their unhappiness and being stuck by doing nothing. They hope time will heal, that they or the other will reform, get over it or that another person or event will intervene and bring relief. Generally we prolong our suffering, and yes, there can be some benefit in this too!

If, however, you are committed to addressing your issues in a holistic and systemic way, please contact me

How does this happen?
Together we decide on the modality that would best serve your particular situation.

This initial contact may happen telephonically, per email or in a one-on-one conversation.


Family constellations, NLP and sacred space technologies such as story telling circles and relationship mapping are both remedial and proactive.

The aim is for you to reclaim your autonomy and again become the master of your own destiny while living in harmony with those nearest and dearest to you. We do so respectful taking full cognisance of all the relationships in the system.

For more on family constellations please go to BROWSE – CONSTELLATIONS

When there is illness in the family system - Over the past 15 years my husband, Dr Charles Wildervanck, and I have seen the impact of severe chronic conditions and serious illness on family life at our Integrative Health Centre in Port Elizabeth. An observation we have made is that until certain family issues are addressed, medical interventions on their own battle to re-establish health. 
While we humans do not consciously devise an illness to cope with a problem situation(s), addressing the underlying dynamics of a particular illness can make healing at a physical and/or psycho-social level possible.

For more on this please go to BROWSE – BOOKS – Even if it costs me my life by Stephan Hausner.

Currently I only see a limited number of couples / families and thus strive to make the most of these sessions. Family constellations offers us a way to be purposeful and effective rather than protracted and inefficient. While the actual constellation session may last up to two-and-a-half hours, multiple interventions are seldom needed. If follow-ups are needed, we allow for ample time between sessions so that 'the field' may do its work.

I am a member of the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA).

Family constellations allows me to draw on my old profession - I have a master degree in Mental Health and regularly attend professional development courses - while affording me the creative and intuitive wisdom of 'The Knowing Field'. 

This allows me I steer to away from linear causality and to rather to see difficulties and dysfunction as a person’s best available option at that moment in time. Together we then explore more functional and productive ways of being in the world.

I am a facilitator of family dialogues, a coach & a teacher; not a psychologist or social worker.